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How I Automated My Bookkeeping Business And Got My Time Back

Lisa Campbell, owner of The Marcam Group, has 27 years of experience in the bookkeeping industry. In the beginning, she knew she needed help to streamline her business so she could get things done on time. 

She sought help from Pure Bookkeeping and started implementing the Pure Bookkeeping standard operating procedures into her business.

The results were incredible.

It kept her organized and her clients loved that everything was done with excellence and on time.

Then she combined the Pure Bookkeeping Operating Procedures and Jetpack Workflow software together which enabled her to automate her business.

Things get done by her staff efficiently without her and she knows exactly where every client is at, what has been done, and what’s coming up.

Now, she has complete control over her time regardless of how many clients she has. She's freed up, and spends more time doing the things she loves.

Video Series Presented by...

Lisa Campbell

Bookkeeping Business Owner

The Marcam Group

This video series was generously produced by Lisa Campbell, owner of The Marcam Group.

Lisa has 27 years of experience in the bookkeeping industry and has been a Pure Bookkeeping Licensee since 2014.

She is also a...

  • Certified Advanced Pro Advisor, QBO&QBD
  • Certified Profit First Professional
  • IPBC Certified Professional Bookkeeper

Her passion is to empower her clients around their finances.

Jet Pack and Pure Bookkeeping 4 Part Video Series

Part 1: Managing Your Team and Client

Part 2: Onboarding Clients

Part 3: Ongoing and Roll Over

Part 4: Status Overview

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