• Most people absolutely hate the thought of sales or trying to sell someone their product or service. We’d all like our reputation, hard work and non-salesy approach to speak for themselves to grow our business.  The truth is, you can build a business with just those three approaches but not…

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  • Are you overwhelmed? Overworked? Can you remember the last time you had a vacation?

    If you have no staff, it’s likely you’ve experienced much of the above.

    Pure Bookkeeping co-founder, Debbie Roberts has been there and overcome those challenges on the way to great success including selling her business for high 6 figures in…

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  • As you know, we live in the Twitter age.

    You have 140 characters or less to effectively communicate your story.

    Not an easy thing to do.

    Since we live in an age where our attention spans have been shortened dramatically, the amount of time you have to reach and persuade your prospect has…

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  • Unhappy clients.

    Of course, they’re not fun to be around.

    But, what if there are ways to change their attitude?

    Yes, you can’t please everybody, but when it comes to your clients, you have to give it a shot.

    If you’re wondering how top entrepreneurs handle unhappy clients, here are…

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  • Aging.

    It’s something many of us don’t look forward to, but it’s reality.

    If we’re fortunate enough, we’ll live many years on this Earth.

    But instead of just being satisfied with merely existing, what if your quality of life was the focus?

    What if you can actually enjoy your time on this planet, so…

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  • Are you ready?

    You might think you’re in a position to grow your bookkeeping business, but are you sure?

    I mean, you probably have lots of happy clients who pay you a great rate.

    Everything seems to be going your way.

    Well, hold on, because according INC.com, you’ll need to check out the following…

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  • 11 Ways To Manage Stress

    Michael Palmer


    If you’re a bookkeeping business owner, you’re no stranger to it.

    We all know how damaging stress can be to our health, so what can be done to reduce it?

    Success.com’s, John H. Ostdick has some strategies that can definitely help.

    1. If you can’t avoid a stressful situation,…

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  • Are you cool under pressure?

    According to TalentSmart, the world’s premier provider of emotional intelligence, after conducting research with more than a million people, they’ve found 90 percent of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control.


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  • Are you bringing out the best in your bookkeeping staff?

    Take a step back and honestly ask yourself that.

    For many of us, it’s tough to be real with ourselves, but it’s vital that you are.

    If you’re not nurturing and supporting your employees properly, you won’t receive their absolute…

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  • Are you adding new staff?

    If you are, it’ll take some time to get them comfortably transitioned into your company culture.

    Our friends at Entrepreneur.com interviewed business owners to get their thoughts on how to make the process easier.

    1. Sweat the small stuff

    “When someone is new to a…

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