About Pure Bookkeeping

At Pure Bookkeeping, we understand most successful bookkeeping operations are not started by owners with big school business degrees.

They’re created by people like you.

Talented individuals who have a skill – something you know how to excel at better or different than anybody in the world – then woke up one day and suddenly discovered their businesses had turned into a really tough job. With terrible pay and very little time off.

Our People

The talented Pure Bookkeeping Global team at our planning retreat in the Philippines.

Front Row, left to right: Col Fink, Neil Roberts, Debbie Roberts, Kat Oliviers, Jen Hagonoy, Cristina Gaite, Scarlett Cook (key member of the team), Trish Cook. Back Row, left to right: Michael Palmer, Sarah Palmer, Nick McElligott, Peter Cook. Unfortunately, not able to join us – Katherine & Angie Roberts.

Of course, Pure Bookkeeping wouldn’t be able to assist bookkeepers globally if it weren’t for our terrific staff which you can see above. They work tirelessly to make sure bookkeepers around the world receive the expert advice, products and attention they need to realize their business dreams.

Our Story

Debbie Roberts knows how you feel. She’s been in the professional bookkeeping game over 20 years and went through everything you could possibly imagine. Back in 2001, she was about 18 months into her bookkeeping business when it changed forever.

She met Peter Cook who had been working a business consultant and coach since the mid-1990s.

At that time in her life, Debbie was tearing her hair out. She was full up, working nights and weekends and wanted to grow her business. But, she was nervous about hiring other bookkeepers. She had cleaned up messes left behind by bad bookkeepers and didn’t want to risk her clients and her reputation to someone else.

But, she also didn’t want to turn away anyone who needed her help.

Then, after meeting Pete at a networking group, they chatted over coffee when he asked, “If you took the way you do bookkeeping out of your head and put it onto paper as a system and another bookkeeper was following that system, could you trust them then?” At that moment, the Pure Bookkeeping System was born.

Pete became Debbie’s coach and over the next decade she grew her business to the successful, profitable operation with a team of 12 highly skilled bookkeepers who worked for her (She’d later sell her business in 2014).

In 2010, Debbie and Pete decided to take what they learned in their journey to form Pure Bookkeeping to help other bookkeepers grow their businesses and that they did in 3 different continents – Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Our Approach

We believe normal bookkeepers can do incredible things.

As a training and coaching company, we do our best to help you reach your business goals through our engaging and informative seminars, webinars, informational products, mastermind calls and our crown jewel resource, the Pure Bookkeeping System which shows you step-by-step how to create powerful systems in various areas (ie: Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, etc) of your business.

Over 500 bookkeepers worldwide have used it and experienced dramatic success.

To find out more about the Pure Bookkeeping System, you can click here.

The Pure Bookkeeping Team:

Debbie Roberts – Pure Bookkeeping Co-Founder

A highly skilled bookkeeper with over 20 years experience who sold her business, BACS Bookkeeping, in 2014.

Now, she’s focused on helping Pure Bookkeeping’s licensees full-time.

Peter Cook – Pure Bookkeeping Co-Founder

He’s a master business coach, mentor, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and engaging presenter who works with hundreds of businesses from one-man startups to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Michael Palmer – Pure Bookkeeping North America, President

He’s a business coach with over 20 years business experience as an entrepreneur and working in corporate environments such as Dun & Bradstreet and Salesforce.com which involved sales, people and project management.

Dave Mendonca – Pure Bookkeeping North America, Business Manager

He helps licensees access all the business building resources that come with being a member of the Pure Bookkeeping Community. He also keeps them informed and educated with upcoming news and information, works on The Word From Michael blog and is a guest booker for Michael’s popular podcast, The Successful Bookkeeper.

Theresa Dugwell – Pure Bookkeeping North America, Director of Client Success

Her goal is to help inspire our licensees to overcome any challenges, so they can have the profitable bookkeeping business they’ve always wanted. She has trained as an Anthony Robbins Results Coach with Robbins Research International and has worked with entrepreneurs as a Business Results Coach with eCircle Academy. If that’s not impressive enough, she’s a former Guinness World Record holder and a highly successful fundraiser for the YMCA’s various women’s programs.

See If We’re A Fit For You

Pure Bookkeeping isn’t for everyone.

Only those who have a true passion and commitment to growing their bookkeeping business and are willing put in the work are the types of achievers we’d like to help.

If you’re ready for the challenge, you can begin by browsing through our website and take advantage of the many profitable resources at your finger tips.

To your success,

The Pure Bookkeeping Team