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Every bookkeeper starts their business with a dream. We’re here to make sure you achieve yours.

Introducing the Pure Bookkeeping System

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Your business CAN grow and earn you more income without sacrificing your freedom and what’s important to you.

The Pure Bookkeeping System is the documented best practice standard operating procedures to run your business efficiently with maximum quality of the work.

These systems enable you to work smarter as a solo bookkeeper. If you have/or want a team, you’ll be able to evaluate and hire the best staff and then train them to do the work your way.

You’ll be able to leverage the best of class industry software to automate your business in a fraction of the time.

Scaling your business is straightforward with best practices in selling and marketing your business.

Stop reinventing the wheel and instead invest your precious time implementing what has been proven by hundreds of business owners to work.


Debbie’s journey


When it comes to running a successful bookkeeping business, the bookkeeping is the easy part! Many bookkeepers have faced the challenges of marketing, and finding great clients. And those of us that manage to jump that hurdle then find we’re facing a whole new set of challenges: long hours, ever-dwindling time for friends and family, and how to earn the rates we deserve.

I’m Debbie Roberts, a fellow bookkeeper. I’ve been in your shoes. Back in 2001 I was facing all those challenges. Tax season was crazy. I didn’t see my family, I was working long hours but I still wasn’t getting the financial rewards I deserved. Then I started working with business coach Peter Cook. As a result, I made a series of important changes.

“As a Result,
I Made a
Series of

Some were easy to make. Others were more difficult. However, I successfully made the changes I needed to make. The result? By 2010, I had a successful team of 12 bookkeepers. I enjoyed sensible hours. My personal income more than trebled and I worked with a much higher calibre of clients. Today, I enjoy a long annual holiday—with no worries about running my bookkeeping business.

Discover how you can start building a smart business by taking part in our free online training. We pull apart what has worked, and also share some of the mistakes that can be made so you can avoid them.