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The Seven Secrets of Growing your Bookkeeping Business



Thousands of bookkeepers have attended our seminars and webinars.

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Since we launched back in 2010 we’ve run our seminars and webinars all over Canada, Australia, and the UK. We’ve spoken to thousands of bookkeepers about how to successfully grow a bookkeeping business. Time and again we hear the same problems. Bookkeepers feel:

  • overworked,
  • under-appreciated,
  • under-paid,
  • or all three.

Too many bookkeepers simply don’t enjoy their business, and at Pure Bookkeeping we’ve been turning that around. The issue, at its core, is that there are plenty of great bookkeepers who never learned how to manage a business.

Bookkeepers who are qualified, who know the software and process of bookkeeping backward, but never had the time or opportunity to really understand marketing; or human resources; or business administration.

The Seven Secrets of Growing Your Bookkeeping Business Seminar is presented to you by Michael Palmer – an expert business coach who has spent the last two decades helping business owners exponentially grow their companies. We understand your challenges.

You might be working long hours for unappreciative clients who aren’t paying you what you’re worth. You might be seeking more clients but don’t know how to market your business effectively. Or perhaps you lack the confidence you need in your business or in yourself to sell effectively to new customers. Don’t beat yourself up about it – these are very common problems.

You are not alone!

Running a small business effectively isn’t easy. But the good news is running a successful, profitable business is definitely possible. We will share with you how the Pure Bookkeeping system was born with our founder Debbie Roberts as a sole bookkeeper to a business that now employs 12 bookkeepers and virtually runs itself.

If you want to get inspired, set a clear direction for growth in your business, and give yourself the confidence to achieve your goals, the Seven Secrets of Growing Your Bookkeeping Business Seminar is for you. This seminar is designed to mark a turning point in the life of your business.

Are you ready? Sign up to the right. Your investment to attend this seminar is just $110, a tiny fraction of the value you’ll receive when you put the information into action.

You’ll learn…

  • What you should be charging and how to increase your rates without losing your top clients.
  • How to get more clients by following the tactics in our exclusive Sales and Marketing manual which contains the Pure Bookkeeping 7×5 marketing plan.
  • How to get in front of accountants and create an ongoing stream of high-quality referrals.
  • 2 specific systems to get more referrals from your current clients.
  • How to easily earn additional income by producing standard reports for clients.
  • A proven system for hiring great bookkeepers … every time.
  • Everything you receive with Pure Bookkeeping System and how it can transform your business.

Included with your registration…

  • The 3 Hour Seminar and Education Credits
  • A Hardcover version of E-Myth Bookkeeper shipped to you
  • An online business strategy course to build your successful business plan
  • A 30 minute mentoring session post seminar
  • An online business accelerator course to support you post seminar and mentor session

Your Satisfaction Is 100% GUARANTEED!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the seminar (or webinar) or if you don’t think you’ll make at least 10 times the price of admission from what you’ve discovered, let us know on the day (or anytime within 30 days) and you’ll receive a courteous and prompt refund. No questions asked.

Given the limited number of seats, this will definitely sell out quickly, so if you want to be part of it, don’t leave it until later.


  • “This Seminar Was Perfect!”

    “I was in a rut. I needed answers. The 7 Secrets Seminar came at the right time. It taught me to charge more for my bookkeeping services because I was undervaluing myself; to create different revenue streams and to get over my hatred for sage to open my market more. This seminar was perfect!”
    - Wendy Malcom, Wendy Malcom's Bookkeeping and Consulting

  • “Great To Connect With Other Bookkeepers”

    “Going in I wasn’t sure where I was going, but the 7 Secrets Seminar has started me thinking more clearly about where I want to be and how much time I am willing to devote to the process. It was also great to connect with other bookkeepers and hear about their situations. It was helpful to have encouragement from others in the industry to value our services.”
    - Susan Norris, Up And Running Business Services

  • “Valuable Human Resources Information”

    “Like many business owners, I’m afraid to make hiring mistakes. Once I attended the seminar, it provided me valuable Human Resources information that will no doubt help me in the future. I definitely recommend this to my colleagues and friends.”
    - Aaron Zinger, On The Money Bookkeeping Services Ltd.

  • “I Absolutely Recommend This Seminar!”

    “I would absolutely recommend this seminar to others! The most valuable things I learned were how to present and value myself. It also changed my thinking in terms of restructuring my bookkeeping business to serve clients at a reasonably higher price and get rid of low price clients.”
    - Yufang Xie, Advance Business Solutions Ltd.

  • “Excellent!”

    “What the 7 Secrets Seminar taught me was that I have a valuable asset (my bookkeeping business) that has been built over time and that it is saleable. Also, Mike was an excellent presenter and he made sure even the more quiet participants were involved and allowed them an opportunity to speak in the seminar.”
    - Michael Mahy, Seianna Financial Services Inc.

  • “Helped My Marketing In A BIG WAY!”

    “I needed help with my marketing -- in a big way. Fortunately, I took in the 7 Secrets Seminar which taught me a lesson. Yes, I was spending money on print ads - that STOPS NOW! I’m currently applying my marketing efforts to other techniques including getting myself in front of accountants. Thank you Pure Bookkeeping!”
    - Debbie Klassen, Abbotsford, BC Bookkeeper

  • “Outstanding!”

    “Before attending the 7 Secrets seminar, I thought I was giving my clients more than they expect. After attending it, I can see where I can do better. An “Aha” moment was finding out I can add services. So, I will create manuals on each client. I thought (Michael) did an outstanding job with the seminar.”
    - Bruce Reid, Gravenhurst, Ontario Bookkeeper

  • “Extremely Valuable”

    “Since I’m starting my bookkeeping business, I was looking for ideas to acquire new customers. The 7 Secrets Seminar didn’t disappoint. The various ways to attract clients was extremely valuable, because it allowed me to see beyond what I already knew. The workshop changed my thinking in a positive way, but inspiring me even more.”
    - Kenneth Muir, BC Bookkeeper

  • “Very Informative”

    “All of it, I found the presentation to be very informative. I don't think there were any parts of the workshop that I didn't find helpful.”
    - Shelley Rudiger, Leashing Your Ledgers Bookkeeping

  • “Beneficial To All Bookkeepers”

    “The Seven Secrets Seminar will be beneficial to all bookkeepers. I received some wonderful additions to our business toolbox.”
    - Gerry Kennon, Priority Bookkeeping Solutions

  • “I Wish The Seminar Was LONGER!”

    “Honestly, I wish the seminar was LONGER! It was so valuable to me. I really liked how at ease Michael made me feel in talking about the struggles of my business. It's really personal stuff. The 7 steps were so simply broken down and easily explained that I made 3 changes to my business within a week. Of course, one of the biggest takeaways was this, 'working ON my business, not in my business.' Brilliant!”
    - Melina Rousselle, Melina Solutions Bookkeeping

  • “Informative & Insightful”

    “I found it informative about charging for reports that I have created, also about going door-to-door for potential clients because it is hard work and lots of people will not do it. The website information was insightful as well.”
    - Shona Wells, Calgary Bookkeeper

  • “Entire Webinar Valuable”

    “I want to grow my business and the seminar with Michael helped me realize that I’ve got to make a lot of changes to grow one that’s successful and profitable. I found the entire webinar valuable. Thank you.”
    - Sherry Hagemeier, ANL Bookkeeping

  • “Very Useful”

    “I was already planning to do some of the things recommended in the seminar; but the seminar was very useful in outlining the whole picture and filling in some gaps. The hiring suggestions were a bonus.”
    - Joseph Milla, CPA

  • “Big Goals for my Business”

    “I initially registered for the seminar to learn how to grow my business more quickly and profitably. I came out of the seminar with some big goals for my business and an action plan to make it happen.”
    - Mika Matsudate, SAKURA Bookkeeping

  • “Fresh Perspective”

    “The Seven Secrets Seminar helped give me a fresh perspective of my business. I am going to start charging clients for all the valuable services that I had been giving away for free.”
    - Maria Cheng, Certified Professional Bookkeeper

  • “10 out of 10”

    “The Seven Secrets Seminar and the presenter Michael Palmer are a 10 out of 10 in value. It helped me understand the areas that I need to develop to have my business become even more successful. I’ve since become a licensee of the Pure Bookkeeping System and we’re implementing it throughout the business.”
    - Siobhan Harrop-Scott, Harrop Scott & Associates Ltd