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  • Bargain hunters and tire kickers.

    In this age where low discount giants like Walmart and Amazon reign supreme and you can find many products and services for free online, you’ve probably encountered prospects who wanted to get the absolute most for their hard-earned pennies.

    So, they call and ask about your services…

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  • Networking.

    For some of you, I’m sure the thought of it makes you cringe.

    I get it you just want to do the books and not the marketing.

    Well, that’s not realistic unless your company is large enough to employ someone else to do it.

    We, at Pure Bookkeeping, teach 7 proven marketing strategies…

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  • As you know, some bookkeepers are not extroverts.

    So, for them to attend networking events, it can be mental torture.

    If this is you, Larry Kim of INC.com has some great news.

    He has collected 7 successful hacks that can make your social interactions at networking events much easier:
    1.) Do Your Homework &…

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  • Let’s face it, you can’t please every client.

    Some of them are just miserable, for whatever reason, no matter how awesome a service you provide.

    It doesn’t mean, though, they must be YOUR clients.


    Having customers you actually enjoy working for and who don’t give you any payment problems?

    Sign me up!

    Entrepreneur.com’s, Jana Barrett…

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