Bargain hunters and tire kickers. In this age where low discount giants like Walmart and Amazon reign supreme and you can find many products and services for free online, you’ve probably encountered prospects who wanted to get the absolute most for their hard-earned pennies. So, they call and ask about [...]

Communication is extremely important in any walk of life. Especially if you’re a bookkeeping business owner. But, are you doing it effectively? If not, you could be losing out on potential clients and profitable relationships. Michael Lee Stallard, author of Connection Culture, shares the following tips on how to improve [...]

Eager to hire staff? If you are, who will be a part of your team? It’s possible you might be wrestling with the idea of hiring a contractor or trainee. There are pros and cons to both. If you need another perspective, our co-founder, Debbie Roberts definitely has an opinion: [...]

Difficult decisions. Yep, we all hate to make them especially if they must be done in a very short time frame. Well, here’s the thing, according to’s, Nell McShane Wulfhart, you’re probably overcomplicating things and letting your fear of potentially selecting the wrong option put you in a place [...]

When running your bookkeeping business, mistakes happen. There’s no way around it sometimes. We’re human. But, awareness beforehand about potential pitfalls can be a great preventive measure to stop future slip ups.’s, Dave Kerpen interviewed Scott Moyer, the president of DriveSavers Data Recovery, who revealed the 6 most common [...]

As you know, some bookkeepers are not extroverts. So, for them to attend networking events, it can be mental torture. If this is you, Larry Kim of has some great news. He has collected 7 successful hacks that can make your social interactions at networking events much easier: 1.) [...]

Social media. You might be thinking, “I’m a bookkeeper. I don’t need it (social media) to attract clients. Word of mouth works just fine.” If you have this limiting belief, you’re definitely closing the door on potential prospects. You see, social media has become the word of mouth for the [...]

Did you know verbally you’re creating negative habits for yourself that you don’t even realize? You’re likely saying specific words and sentences which are deflating your self esteem or making you look disgruntled in front of others, but you don’t notice since you utter them all the time. Yep, that’s [...]

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a bookkeeping business owner. Does that automatically make you a true leader? Nope.’s, Travis Bradberry, will explain as he reveals whether you’re a leader or follower: Do You Go Above and Beyond? Followers do their jobs, and that’s it. No matter how good [...]

As you know, we live in the Twitter age. You have 140 characters or less to effectively communicate your story. Not an easy thing to do. Since we live in an age where our attention spans have been shortened dramatically, the amount of time you have to reach and persuade [...]

Let’s face it, you can’t please every client. Some of them are just miserable, for whatever reason, no matter how awesome a service you provide. It doesn’t mean, though, they must be YOUR clients. Imagine. Having customers you actually enjoy working for and who don’t give you any payment problems? [...]

It’s frustrating. You can’t figure out why your bookkeeping business hasn’t grown the way you thought it would. At this point, your business dreams of making $100,000 or more per year seem far from reality. At Pure Bookkeeping Canada, we know what it takes to get you there thanks to [...]

We’ve all had bad bosses. We remember how negatively they affected our lives at the time, but it’s the good ones that truly hold a special place in our memory banks. Those were the individuals that changed us for the better. So, what was it that made them so special? [...]

How do you treat your employees? When you see them in the morning, do you greet them with a warm smile and say, “Hello, how are you today?” Or do you briefly acknowledge them, give them instructions then begin your hectic morning? There’s no question, if you want to attract [...]

Networking. For some of you, I’m sure the thought of it makes you cringe. I get it you just want to do the books and not the marketing. Well, that’s not realistic unless your company is large enough to employ someone else to do it. We, at Pure Bookkeeping, teach [...]

Have you ever wished your client would just do as you ask? You’re not alone. Our Co-Founder, Debbie Roberts has been there. Yep, she’s seen it all in her bookkeeping career including when bookkeepers fail to act more professionally. Debbie tells us a story which sheds light on this topic. [...]

Loyal employees. As a bookkeeping business owner, if you truly want your operation to skyrocket to success, you’ll need the above. The tough part is finding them. But, how can you identify a loyal employee in your sight?’s, Jeff Haden reveals the 6 signs to look for: 1. Tell [...]

Starting and growing a bookkeeping business is challenging. You already know it demands so much of your time and resources. I didn’t even mention the obstacles that will hit you out of nowhere. With all that commotion, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You don’t have to be. It starts by [...]

Here’s the good news. A non-stop wave of clients are finally pouring into your business. The bad news is you need more staff to take on the added workload. As you probably noticed, hiring great bookkeepers isn’t exactly an easy process. It’s tough finding talented, trustworthy and dependable staff these [...]

Deadwood clients. What are they? They are the ones that complain a lot about your prices, rarely hand in their financial information on time and basically treat you poorly with no thought as to how it’ll affect you. Oh, and did I mention, you’re accepting this behaviour for a paltry [...]

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