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Seminars | Pure Bookkeeping Australia

Attended by 1,257 bookkeepers, the Pure Bookkeeping Roadshow is revolutionising the bookkeeping industry.

Since we launched back in 2010 we’ve run our seminars and webinars all over the country. We’ve spoken to hundreds of bookkeepers (well – over a thousand actually) about how to successfully grow a bookkeeping business. And time and again we hear the same problems. Bookkeepers feel overworked, under-appreciated, under-paid, or all three. Too many bookkeepers simply don’t enjoy their business, and at Pure Bookkeeping we’re committed to turning that around.

Do you have a strategic plan? Can you expect your business to thrive without one?

Most bookkeepers (and this was definitely true for Deb before she started working with Pete) don’t have a clear strategy for their business. They;

  • Don’t know which marketing strategies they should implement, and in which order
  • Don’t have a clear process for meeting prospects and closing sales
  • Aren’t sure how big they want to grow, and what growth is even possible
  • Worry about hiring other bookkeepers, and the risk that brings to their reputation
  • Don’t know where to start (like Debbie, most are good bookkeepers, who have never been trained in business or management).

All this adds up to a lack of confidence … perhaps the greatest benefit from having the right strategic plan for your business is the confidence you’re on the right track, and doing the right things.

We’d love to help

We’ve been called Australia’s premier bookkeeping business advisors. While that might be a bit over the top, one thing is for sure. After a decade working together to grow Debbie’s business to a profitable business with a dozen bookkeepers, and then another half a decade helping other bookkeepers grow their businesses, we understand the bookkeeping industry. We are clear about the challenges bookkeepers face (we’ve faced them ourselves), what doesn’t work in our industry (we’ve made pretty much every mistake you can make trying to grow a bookkeeping business) and most importantly what strategies do work. We’re very excited to bring you a new and innovative program to accelerate the growth of your business, and to make sure you have the right strategic plan.

The Bookkeeping Business Boardroom

Imagine sitting around a boardroom table with Pete & Deb and a bunch of other bookkeepers all going to work on their strategic plan. You’ve done a bunch of preparation before you arrive. You’ve watched the preparatory video, filled out the questionnaire, done the pre-work and the pre-reading, and come ready to get the absolute most out of the session. You are then guided through a process to create your strategic plan, focusing on all critical domains of a successful bookkeeping business:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Management
  • Systems

And you’ll leave with your strategic plan documented and in your hand! More importantly you’ll walk out crystal clear about what to do next, and with the boost in confidence that comes with that.

Six CPE hours

All told, you will need to commit about six hours of your time to this event – three hours in preparation, and three hours at the boardroom itself. For Registered BAS Agents, all six hours count towards your professional development requirements.

Numbers are strictly limited

We can only run this program with a select number of bookkeepers … as soon as the boardroom table is full, we can’t take any more.

Are you ready? Sign up to the right.

100% Blown Away Guarantee

Over 1250 bookkeepers have attended our seminars up until now. We’ve always provided a rock solid guarantee, and we’re proud to say we’ve yet to have anyone take us up on the guarantee … we must be doing something right :). Our guarantee for this isn’t that you’ll be satisfied. This isn’t a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you walk away and you’re just satisfied, we haven’t done our job. No, this program comes with a 100% Blown Away guarantee. If you’re not blown away, if you don’t honestly think it was worth ten times what you’ve paid, then let us know. You’ll get an immediate apology and refund.

To Recap

This is your chance to be one of the select few that will attend the Bookkeeping Business Boardroom. You’ll get to work before the boardroom itself. You will:

  • Get access to the Business Accelerator Program to learn about about the most effective strategies for growing a bookkeeping business, in preparation for deeper discussion in the boardroom.
  • Fill out a questionnaire about the current state of your business.
  • Watch a two hour webinar
  • Complete the assigned pre-reading
  • Review sample systems from the Pure Bookkeeping System to facilitate discussion about systematic business processes.
  • Start the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) on your own business for discussion at the table (we’ll complete that at the program).

So you’ll come in fully prepared. You’ll leave with:

  • Your completed strategic plan
  • Inspiration to grow your business
  • Guidance on the best place to spend your energy
  • Reassurance that you’re on the right path
  • A massive boost in clarity and confidence

Given the limited number of seats, these events generally sell out quickly, so if you want to be part of it, don’t leave it until later.

We regularly hold live seminars in major capital cities. Or, you can choose to attend one of our weekly webinars, which provides the same valuable information. Choose from one of our upcoming sessions below, and book now as spots fill up quickly.