The Pure Bookkeeping Roadshow

Learn the proven tactics that will successfully grow your bookkeeping business and give you the freedom and life you deserve


Debbie Roberts.

She was once like you.

She was a longtime Australian bookkeeper who made every mistake you can think of. Her life was stressful because of the demands her bookkeeping business, but also she had a young family to take care of.

She had no time and was working too much for little reward. Fortunately, she’d discover the power of having business systems which ultimately turned her business into a profit earner where she’d grow it and sell it for over 6 figures.

Eventually, her success led to great opportunities such as co-authoring a book with E-Myth author, Michael Gerber called The E-Myth Bookkeeper.

Debbie’s business coach, Peter Cook, who helps entrepreneurs through his work at Thought Leaders Business School, guided her to the realization that having systems could take her to a new level.

With her bookkeeping knowledge and Peter’s business expertise, the two created the Pure Bookkeeping System which has helped hundreds of bookkeepers globally in growing their businesses successfully.

At this year’s Pure Bookkeeping Roadshow, you’ll be able to tap into their experiences live and in person.

This is your chance to learn from people who’ve built highly successful bookkeeping businesses and who know exactly what it takes to turn expertise into commercial success.

You’ll learn:

  1. The five critical decisions bookkeepers need to make to grow a successful bookkeeping business
  2. The three most common ways that clever people sabotage their businesses
  3. The one strategy that we use (and teach) to move up the revenue ladder
  4. Why this is all about the money … but really not about the money at all
  5. What our flagship program – The Pure Bookkeeping System – is all about

If you’re new to our methodology, this is a great opportunity to gain great insight into a whole new approach.

If you’ve worked with us before, it will be a terrific refresher.

We’d love to see you there.


Pete, Debbie and the Pure Bookkeeping Team

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