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What projects are you working on to grow your bookkeeping business? | Pure Bookkeeping Australia

What projects are you working on to grow your bookkeeping business?

Typically, bookkeepers aren’t trained to work on projects that matter. We are trained as technicians to work on tasks and to deadlines. And we love that. It’s very rewarding to work through a pile of papers, get the bank rec done and tick off each BAS. We feel a great sense of satisfaction for a job well done especially when we know that the information we’re able to give to the client is empowering them around their finances. Working on projects that matter to YOU, however, requires prioritising, planning and persistence to see it through to the end.

ProjectsThatMatter01But when you’re already busy and wearing lots of hats it can be a real challenge to find the time to sit quietly at your desk with the emails and phone switched off and allow yourself time to think about the projects that matter. In Peter Cook’s book The New Rules of Management he says “If you want to get a greater sense of fulfilment in your life, take on more projects that matter to you”. You will probably be able to think right now of at least three projects for your business that you’ve wanted to tackle but haven’t set aside the time. For example:

  • Document the process for hiring great staff
  • Reorganise my office
  • Create a new website

Equally important are planning and implementing personal projects that matter. It can be a challenge, for example, to decide to get fit and participate in a fun run in six months when you have other responsibilities vying for your time. And sometimes it can feel selfish or indulgent to spend time working on projects that are fulfilling for you. However when you complete projects that matter to you which are going to make a difference to your world, there is a flow on effect to your family and clients so everyone benefits.

What projects do you have planned for the year?