Simple Joys

Between 2014 -2016 was the worst time in my life, personally. Professionally, no one knew what our family was dealing with which was deliberate on my part. It was important to me to keep my family issues private and it was a relief, in a way, to escape into the Pure Bookkeeping community and refocus my energies to support you and to do what I could to help you face and overcome your own issues (both professional and personal).

During those difficult times, I made a decision to bring what I called a “simple joy” into my life as a way of demonstrating to myself that not all is dark and hopeless.

I decided to take a photo, and write a sentence or two in my journal, of something that I saw or experienced that day that brought a smile to my face. There were many days it was hard to smile and I didn’t feel like taking a photo or writing in a journal, but I did it anyway. Over time, it made a huge difference to my mental health to actually look for something positive and beautiful on days that were otherwise filled with worry and despair.

I know, for a fact, that many of you have had to deal with (or are dealing with) difficult family issues and, you too, put on a brave face and a sunny disposition so that you can continue to help your clients. Right now, you’re getting your head around Stimulus and JK and finding out the best solution for your clients to keep them trading. You may also be home-schooling, have partners who are working from home or perhaps have been stood down for the time being. There’s so much to deal with….

I’m happy to say, our family got through those dark days safe, well and reunited mainly because of the love and support of our family and close friends.

We’re all in this together and, together, we will get through this.



Debbie Roberts, CoFounder – Pure Bookkeeping