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  • Handling Rescue Jobs

    Debbie Roberts

    What are Rescue jobs?

    Rescue jobs are usually complex and varied and will probably include variations and degrees of:

    Bank recs not completed for months or years
    Old unreconciled transactions in the last bank rec
    Deleted reconciled transactions which will cause the bank rec to be out of balance
    Same for credit cards
    Unreconciled/Undeposited Funds, Electronic…

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  • Contractors vs Trainees

    Debbie Roberts

    Oftentimes, the questions arises whether or not to hire contractors or trainees. I’ve had contractors applying wanting the kind of rates that a very experienced contractor would charge a private client. What I do is explain what I charge out to our clients and why we can’t afford to pay…

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  • Create a Vision Statement !

    Deciding to grow from a successful practice to a profitable business will reward you in ways that you never thought possible. But the journey requires a Vision that is bigger than yourself. A picture of your future that inspires and excites you and gives you the…

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  • As bookkeepers we are very systematic about the way we do the bookkeeping. Unfortunately we are usually hit and miss when it comes to marketing ourselves. I believe there is a reason for that and it has something to do with our personalities. Generally speaking bookkeepers would prefer to sit…

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    A bit repetitive isn’t it? For years when I was growing my business and personally responsible for preparing dozens of BAS’ for lots of clients there were only two speeds – Frantic during the BAS period (BAS-ON) and busy when it had finished…

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  • We all know that word of mouth is the easiest way to grow your business. We also tell you during the Seminars and Webinars that getting referrals from accountants are one of the best sources.
    Here are a few tips:

    Be professional – From the first phone call to shaking hands at…

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