When you start your bookkeeping business you tend to say yes to everyone. You don’t consider if they are the right fit, in your target market or someone you can do your best work with. Never wanting to turn someone down, if you’re good at what you do and have [...]

Door knocking is one of the marketing strategies that we recommend. OK, I can hear you groan already, but stay with me for a minute and I’ll explain how easy it can be. We went to a fancy dress shop recently and chose outfits for a party. When paying for [...]

I love this blog Pete wrote about the link between what you say and what you get. I think we vastly underestimate the impact of what habitually comes out our mouths. The thoughts that we have become habits just as much as the things that we do. And the things [...]

Pete and I love travelling across the country, meeting great bookkeepers, discussing the issues they are facing, sharing my story and giving them strategies to help them avoid the mistakes I’ve made. In the past week or so we shared experiences and helped great bookkeepers articulate their business plan in [...]

The past two weeks my blogs were about the top two mistakes I think you can make when recruiting. If you didn’t see them you can find Mistake #1 here and Mistake #2 here. The third biggest mistake, in your haste to relieve the pressure you’re under, is to put [...]

I’ve spoken to three bookkeepers in the past week with a common issue and it’s worth sharing. It’s BAS-ON and to say they are flat out is an understatement. They are working 60+hrs per week. They’ve tried to recruit but it didn’t work out. Feeling exhausted and disheartened, they know [...]

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